Within the European Union, Businesses producing and trading feed must comply with regulation for quality assurance and supervision.

Safe animal feed is a prerequisite for safe and healthy food on animal basis. Within the European Union feed production and feed trade are subject to unified regulations applying in nearly all member states.

In Germany the administration controls the proper production, movement and the use of animal feed in compliance with European Union Directives and national law. Specific feed types, feed additives and premixtures may only be manufactured, treated, traded or shipped upon registration and/or administrative approval. The competency for registration and approval is with the federal state (Bundesländer) and, thus, procedures differ slightly from Bundesland to Bundesland. To obtain registration and approval, the applicant, be it an individual or legal entity, must have its official business seat and domicile in the European Union. Foreign producers and traders might therefore consider to establish a branch or corporation in Germany to obtain registration and approval.

Registration and, as the case may be, approval are required not only for producers and carriers being in physical contact with feed products but also for any trading business which does not even store or ship feed products itself. Without registration and/ or approval such business is prohibited from producing, transporting or trading feed. For non-compliance with this prohibition such businesses can be fined.

The competent bodies Bundesländer carry out operating audits to assure cleanliness and hygiene of the business and the professional knowledge of the staff. But also they might audit the business’ financial accounts because accurate and timely account is deemed to be important for the traceability in the case of problems with a particular product. These audits and controls are set at all stages of the production and trade chain for feed.

Specific feed, feed additives and premixes produced outside the European Union may only be imported into the EU member states through specific border posts. At these posts, the feed products will be checked by specialist personnel

Businesses trading with or producing feed will have to examine which administrative board is their competent supervisory authority and whether they have to only file a registration as feed trader or producer or whether they will need to obtain an official approval prior to starting.

Our Attorneys and Advsiors at Counselhouse can assist at any of these aforesaid stages. We can help to find out which authority is the competent supervisory authority and which paperwork has to be filed.